Disable the default completion options in Python Typer CLI

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Typer is a great! But it's documentation isn't.

So I ran into a challenge while building a simple app where I didn't intend to provide the users autocompletion options and was wondering how to disable the typical output that it prints out while invoking the program

Usage: app.py [OPTIONS]

  --lat FLOAT
  --long FLOAT
  --method TEXT
  --install-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh]
                                  Install completion for the specified shell.
  --show-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh]
                                  Show completion for the specified shell, to
                                  copy it or customize the installation.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

As you can see, it is rather a simple app where only 3 inputs are provided and it just looks cluttered. So I wanted to disable it.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the documentation didn't talk about it.

Disable completion option

So eventually it took a bit of reading the source course to figure out how to disable it. The trick is to pass add_completion=False argument while initialising the typer.Typer app, as shown below

import typer

app = typer.Typer(add_completion=False)

def foo(lat: float = None, long: float = None, method: str = None):
    typer.echo(f"{lat}, {long}, {method}")

if __name__ == "__main__":

And now the output unsurprisingly looks like

Usage: app.py [OPTIONS]

  --lat FLOAT
  --long FLOAT
  --method TEXT
  --help         Show this message and exit.
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